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The fastest Near-testnet endpoints

Reliable access to blockchain data in seconds, at blazing fast speeds.

Our Near-testnet Data Services

Get your indexes running faster and more reliably than ever before at a fraction of the cost.

The infrastructure we've been running across multiple independent data centers since 2018 is purpose-built for indexers & trusted by The Graph.

Firehose & Substreams are the latest technologies in blockchain data, don't be left behind. Get your indexes running on the stack of the future.

  • Firehose

    Provides previously unseen capabilities and speeds for indexing blockchain data using a files-based and streaming-first approach.

  • Substreams

    Substreams enables developers to write Rust modules, composing data streams alongside the community, and provides extremely high-performance indexing by virtue of parallelization, in a streaming-first fashion.

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