The fastest Optimism endpoints

Reliable access to blockchain data in seconds, at blazing fast speeds.

Services For Indexers

Get your indexes running faster and more reliably than ever before at a fraction of the cost.

The infrastructure we've been running across multiple independent data centers since 2018 is purpose-built for indexers & trusted by The Graph.

Firehose & Substreams are the latest technologies in blockchain data, don't be left behind. Get your indexes running on the stack of the future.


Provides previously unseen capabilities and speeds for indexing blockchain data using a files-based and streaming-first approach.

Firehose Docs


Substreams enables developers to write Rust modules, composing data streams alongside the community, and provides extremely high-performance indexing by virtue of parallelization, in a streaming-first fashion.

Substreams Docs


Connecting to our infrastructure is easy. Just follow these simple steps.

1. Obtain an API Key

Sign up and obtain an API key by clicking the button below.

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2. Request Your Authentication Token

Use your API Key to retrieve your JWT token using curl;

curl -s https://auth.pinax.network/v1/auth/issue --data-binary "{\"api_key": "your_api_key\"}"

3. Test Your Connection

You can test your connection using GRPCurl;

grpcurl -H 'Authorization: Bearer your_jwt_token' -d '{"service": "sf.firehose.v2.Stream"}' optimism.firehose.pinax.network:443 grpc.health.v1.Health/Check

Expected Response; "status": "SERVING"

4. Configure Your Optimism Graph Node

2shard = "primary"
3provider = [
4    # Ethereum Based Chain
5    { label = "bootstrap", details = { type = "web3", url = "$RPC_NODE", features = [ "archive" ] }},
6    # Firehose Configuration
7    { label = "firehose", details = { type = "firehose", url = "https://optimism.firehose.pinax.network:443", token = "$YOUR_JWT_TOKEN" }},
8    # Substreams Configuration
9    { label = "substreams", details = { type = "substreams", url = "https://optimism.substreams.pinax.network:443", token = "$YOUR_JWT_TOKEN" }},

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