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The GraphStreamingFast
The GraphStreamingFast

Indexing. Chain onboarding. Dapp chains. Rollups. Since 2018, we've engineered end-to-end blockchain data processing and analytics tools, to help build the decentralized future.

We match your needs with our redundant baremetal servers hosted in high-bandwidth datacentres.



We provide high-availability chain data at high speed, with up to 20 workers simultaneously.

About Indexing 

See how indexing works on The Graph.

What is web3 

Read about the fundamentals of web3.

What are subgraphs 

Learn about open APIs called subgraphs.

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A Chain

We are among the top indexers on The Graph, and as veterans of chain integration, we can onboard virtually any chain into The Graph ecosystem.

About The Graph 

Learn more about what The Graph is and how it works.

Chain Integration 

Learn about the chain integration process in The Graph ecosystem.

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Stop worrying about anything but data analysis. Get exactly the data you want in exactly the format you need.

Example Analytics 

See how Messari uses blockchain data to derive important insights.

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A Dapp

Supercharge your persistent storage with fast and reliable dApp data feeds, with endpoints in RPC and other common formats.

What Chain for My dApp? 

Learn the advantages and disadvantages of each type of chain.

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A Rollup

Maintain blob storage and full rollup history when you deploy a new chain, or enhance an existing rollup with the same power provided to Optimism, Arbitrum, Base, and others.

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